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Publishing managed services for Yoyo Books
(October 2017 - until now)

Daro Consulring was approached to provide top-level strategic support that would ensure successful market entry of the YoYo Books brand into the Czech and Slovak market.

In close discussion with the client, we developed a comprehensive business plan which considered a variety of factors including product proposition, market segmentation, competitor analysis, plus critical factors for success. 

Key components of the service that Daruso Consulting provided were as follows:

  • Assistance with understanding the local kids book business with regards to threats, opportunities and developing trends

  • financial and assortment planning which resulted in a solid publication plan

  • Reviewing and identifying partners, relevant contract negotiations and agreements – including royalty and payment structures, content delivery and support.

  • Assistance with pricing review and strategy.

  • running of the “Go to market meeting”. The purpose of the meeting is a presentation of the holistic Publication Plan to the distributor and to the big retail chain partners

  • Managing the Translation process with all relevant aspects such as proofreading, pre-print reading, editorial and DTP services.

  • Managing the regional distributions.

  • Comprehensive sales channel analysis, reporting and integration with associated business and financial planning/reporting processes.

  • Building and managing a Social Media presence

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