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Market intelligence
  • market research​ of the book industry and competition insights

  • subject matter expertise knowledge of local markets​, culture, business practices, legislative, 

  • build a strong local presence and brand

Financial and Assortment planning
  • The development of strategic a business financial plan that is suited to the publisher’s needs to maximize sales and profitability

  • The development of a holistic Publication plan by determining the appropriate book assortment width and depth based on the financial objectives defined during the financial planning process

  • Assistance with a pricing review and strategy to ensure the book assortment is competitively priced at all times and advise on promotional markdowns to speed sales

  • As a result, you will not have to wait and see, what the local publishing houses will pick from your portfolio, instead you will be A-Z in control of the book assortment offered in the country.

Sales Support
  • A network of well evaluated, ready-to-use local partners ( leading distributors and retailers ) at your disposal

  • Distribution channel management

  • Access to sales data of local distributors on a regular basis, including market insights

  • A network of regional sales representatives

  • A collaborative partnership with local partners ( meetings, conference calls, escalation )

  • Regular 'go-to-market' meetings, with in-depth presentation of your publication plan to key partners

Partner management
  • Initial negotiations

  • Contract management

  • Change management - e.g. ad-hoc changes in distribution, assortment etc.

  • Incident management - real time resolution of incidents on behalf of the client

  • Tailor-made reporting

  • Communication (meetings, conference calls, yearly meeting, escalations )

Translation services
  • ​comprehensive translation-localisation process 

  • dedicated translators per age group (toddlers, pre-school, early school and young adults)

  • linguistic and specialist editing

  • in-context review, testing, validation

  • preprint proofreading

  • pre-press related DTP activities

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